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Nike Olympic Kit

MOVIE: in this exclusive video Dezeen produced for Nike, fashion designer Kim Jones unveils his compactable collection of clothes and shoes designed for athletes travelling to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Jones collaborated with designers from the NikeLab research team to create the Packable Sport Style collection, which includes a range of light and breathable jackets, t-shirts, shorts and trousers that fold away tightly into small pouches.

These items, together with a pair of shoes, all fit together into a small, unobtrusive backpack that can easily be carried onto planes.

“I wanted to make a travel kit that all fits in one bag that’s very light, easy to use and packable,” the British fashion designer and Louis Vuitton men’s style director explains in the movie, which Dezeen filmed in London.

“Every single athlete who goes to the Olympics will have this to travel and relax in. It will be like their off-duty clothing.”

The Packable Sport Style collection is informed by some of Jones’ favourite Nike designs from the sportswear brand’s history.

“We looked at the DNA of what the brand is,” he explains. “We looked at the pillars of the fabrics that they use, which they really make the best of, and put them into this bag.”

The centrepiece of Jones’ collection is an updated version of the Windrunner jacket, a breathable, waterproof running jacket Nike first launched in 1978.

“I used to ride around on my BMX with my Windrunner on and wore it to death,” Jones says. “For me it is one of the most iconic Nike pieces.”

Jones’ Windrunner comes in long- and short-sleeved versions in vibrant colours borrowed from classic Nike Air Max trainers. It is cut from a single sheet of fabric to keep it as light as possible.

“We drew it out on a piece of paper and then I folded it up like a piece of origami,” Jones reveals. “So you have very few seams, which are very subtle.”

The trousers and shorts, available in more muted blue and black variants, can be rolled up and secured with a small built-in fastener.

“The trousers are seamless, super-comfortable, breathable,” Jones says. “The idea is that if you’re sitting on a flight for eight to twelve hours, you want to be comfortable.”

For the shoes, Jones reinterpreted the 1995 Nike Air Zoom LWP, which was first launched in 1995.

Jones updated the sneaker by creating a jacquard-woven upper and combining it with the sole from an Air Max 1.

“I just loved updating it and making it feel right for today,” Jones says.

“But what I really love about it, which I think most guys would, is that it’s got my name in the Nike font on the back. That is the first time anyone has ever had that.”

Jones also designed a t-shirt for the collection, which is based on the pattern of his shoe upper when lying flat.

“When they make these sneakers, they are completely flat on a piece of fabric,” he explains. “When I saw that, I thought it would make a really great t-shirt. I thought that was a really nice way to look back at what the DNA of the brand is.”

Jones says he hopes the collection will give athletes one less thing to have to think about during their time in Rio.

“They can go to training not worrying about what they have to wear,” he explains. “They’ve got a uniform to feel comfortable in, which really functions well.”

This movie was filmed by Dezeen in London for Nike. All images used in this story are courtesy of Nike, unless otherwise stated.

The NikeLab x Kim Jones: Packable Sport Style collection will be available from July 23 online and select NikeLab stores.


Article by Dezeen

We looked at the DNA of what the brand is, we looked at the pillars of the fabrics that they use, which they really make the best of, and put them into this bag

Kim Jones – Fashion Designer