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Promote Your Brand

Promote your work without losing confidence

YOUR BRAND IS YOU as presented by Sasha Damjanovski. Sasha Damjanovski is an award-winning independent writer, director and producer with over twenty years of experience in film, advertising and business communications. He is also a part time lecturer at Central St Martins (UAL).

CEO and Founder of Creative Action Ian Silverstein regularly attends events at Shoreditch House. This week he attended a ‘your brand is you’ workshop event. We decided to share with you the notes, tips and tricks when setting up your new business or trying to represent your brand!

  • Pitching a business is like speed dating, listen, be interested and interesting, connect with the audience, be authentic, ask questions.
  • Don’t talk about yourself, don’t make contacts make friends, people do business with people and people move on
  • If we are excited, we share and its engaging and infectious
  • Adapt the story of the business to the audience
  • Human nature, people like working with people they like, be liked
  • Be authentic, honest, real, genuine, care about how you present yourself and how you look and act
  • Keep in touch, engage and share relevant articles / content to keep up the dialogue
  • Be passionate about the offering, it will be contagious
  • Do it your own way, make it personal
  • Eye contact is important, powerful and shows your enthusiasm and passion. It will create a stronger relationship and allow you to read the audience better
  • Be prepared and confident
  • Be clear what you objectives are and envisage the perfect outcome before the meeting
  • Be brief, to the point to get their attention, connect and raise their interest. Most people will respect this approach
  • Be likeable and personable, people do business with people
  • Create a hook ahead of the meeting
  • Do your research ahead of your meeting
  • Be helpful beyond your objectives, it creates a good bond and starts a good and long term relationship
  • Meet people, make friends not contacts
  • Be genuine, relevant and in the moment
  • Try and add humour to a meeting as it will humanise the meeting and create a stronger relationship, we are all the same as humans and we all like to smile
  • Connect, connect and connect on all levels

You can follow Sasha via:

Twitter:  @sashaorev


Control the way the world perceives you; promote your work without losing confidence, or compromising your personal integrity; build emotional stamina against rejection; be authentic and captivating; enjoy rather than dread networking and create lasting future collaborations!

Sasha Damjanovski, Central St Martins (UAL)