A Journey Towards Success

We created a modern identity for a football association with a rich tradition.


The Bahrain Football Association (BFA) has achieved unprecedented growth in the past years through strong leadership, vision and commercial activities. However, this is only the start of their journey and there is a lot more to achieve. There is a drive to develop every area of football in Bahrain, whether for participants, commercial partners or fans.


This could only start on the platform of a well-defined, cohesive and impactful brand and BFA sought for a like-minded partner to work with to develop the brand – one which played to their heritage, but emphasised their ambition.


Creative Action turned out to be a perfect match.


The BFA branding was not an ordinary task, and surely not yet another sport brand that is edgy, bold, fast and aggressive. The core values that the identity was to represent was Respect, Unity, Teamwork, Integrity and Pride and the visual assets were to support those fundamentals.


The brand had to respect the heritage while embracing the future and appeal to many target audience profiles, from children to elderly. A brand that represents a football family rather than a football army.


Working with the BFA team we identified the key customer groups, audited the current logo, analysed competition and best practice globally, concluded international, regional and local trend research and how BFA can stand out in that brand landscape.


Using our findings we created initial brand options that were later developed into a refined, sophisticated and proud identity that reflects the ambitions of Bahrain Football Association and the hopes and dreams of the football community in Bahrain.