For What Matters

We created a new range of Debit Cards for the Oman Arab Bank customers that reflects the new vision of the business.


Over the past three decades, Oman Arab Bank has consistently expanded its reach as well as its products and services offering to provide customers in the country with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions in Retail banking, Corporate and Project finance, Investment banking, trade finance and most recently, Islamic Banking.


OAB understood it was time to evolve its brand promise and engage a new generation of consumers through a broad array of integrated branded services. As a result, the bank asked us to help evolve its identity with new, innovatively-designed debit cards to appeal to four different segments.


The challenge was to create engaging debit cards designs that are relevant to the defined customer segments, connect with the Oman Arab Bank brand, are in line with strict visa guidelines and in compliance with the sharia law.


The prominent geometrical feature of the logo are three circles. We separated the circles and looked at using them as a link between the logo and the card graphics. We decided to use circles inspired by blurred city lights and coins to symbolise the connection between the world, finance and Oman Arab Bank.


The classic card is a true representation of the new Oman Arab Bank. Sophisticated yet not luxurious, it is a card for everyone that appreciates modern, professional banking.


To give the female card a relevant look, we used a trendy combination of PANTONE Colour of the Year 2016 tones, which work perfectly as a subtle, pastel look and feel while keeping the card in line with other cards from the new range.


For the youth card card we used colours inspired by the sun, to give the card vibrancy, energy and vigor that effectively speaks to younger audience.


The gold card reflects the symbolics of gold coins scattered around. It has a luxury feel while connecting with the look of other cards.