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We were appointed by Qatar Post to create a vibrant and engaging brand for their new overseas shopping delivery service.


Qatar Post is the national carrier of post in Qatar. As a part of restructuring and modernising the business offering, Qatar Post has approached us to create a name and brand for their new e-commerce service that allows all residents of Qatar to shop globally and having their goods delivered using Qatar Post’s logistical network and expertise.


Qatar Post was considered as old-fashioned business entity in a need for modernisation of its offering. To change this perception, the new brand had to be a strong and dynamic statement reflecting the new vision of Qatar Post and its ambitious plans to position the new service as delivering a unique customer experience at a great value.

At the same time, the service had to align with the existing Qatar Post branding, respect its existing, loyal customer base and stay in line with the Qatari culture and tradition.


In order to be able to develop the name and brand identify, a thorough analysis of the market was required. We focused on both local competitors, as well as analysing best practice globally. Using the insight generated from the market analysis, we created a name that perfectly matches the service and customer experience. In parallel to the naming, we created key messages that complimented the name and communicated the positioning of the service.


The next stage was to create a strong brand identity that would make an instant impact upon the local market. We used the market analysis to ensured the creation of a unique identity that stood out from the crowd. We completed the identity by delivering a broad range of brand elements including logo variations, typography, photography styles, print and digital collateral, and uniform and vehicle branding guidelines.


Following the completion of the brand, we developed a full communication plan to launch the new service from Qatar Post, including ATL, social media, and launch events spread across 3 marketing campaigns – teaser, launch and post-launch. We developed the creative concepts and campaign stories, whilst also planning the platforms that the campaigns were executed across based on budget available. We applied the campaign concepts to an array of different visual applications, including outdoor spaces, online banners, website, social media channels, magazine adverts, posters, flyers, event branding among many other.


As a fully developed brand with a strong set of visual assets, ‘Connected’ service has made a difference in the market and elevated Qatar Post to a new status of a modern delivery service operator with a vision.

Qatar Post Connected Guidelines