The Car Care Professionals

We created a complete design system for Enaya car servicing stations in Bahrian.


A.A. Bin Hindi is a well-respected KIA and Samsung dealership in Bahrain. The company has diversified and grown within three years, to be recognised for its customer service, reliability and quality.


Bin Hindi approached us to refresh the brand of their network of car servicing stations in Bahrain in order to make it appealing to the international audience.


Enaya needed to maintain its reputation as a modern, world-class service centre as the brand grows for an international audience. The brand had to reflect a clear, professional, and approachable identity in line with the company’s high-quality services and welcoming ethos.


This project required an understanding of the car care service industry, Enaya as an organisation, and its positioning amongst other global competitors.


The new identity is inspired by roads and connections between them and the cars. The curves resemble turns and corners and the closed shape reminds of repeating journeys the cars have to make and how keeping it in shape is what Enaya stands for. The red lines inside symbolise cars that need attention – they are temporarily taken out of the closed shape, and will reconnect with the roads thanks to Enaya.


A very vibrant and modern colour palette is complemented by a stylish typography and a custom-made, unique Arabic lettering, prepared specially for Enaya.