Connecting Businesses in Oman

We were appointed to refresh the Back2Business Oman event branding to reflect the vision and ambitions of the organisers.


Back2Business Oman is the biggest business networking event in Oman. Being organised by representatives from nonprofit business councils in Oman, including Oman American Business Center, British Business Forum, Australian Business Group Oman and European Business People Group, its objective is to bring together companies working in various sectors such as government, oil & gas, construction, transport, information and technology, hospitality, finance and more. It is a great opportunity to reach small to large companies, meet new clients, potential business partners and possibly make new friends.


This year, the organisers approached us to help them refresh their event branding in order to engage wider target audience and make the event more engaging and energising.


The Back2Business logo was an established asset that was to remain unchanged and the colour combinations as well as usage ratios had to be carefully considered, reflecting the partners and sponsors’ level of involvement in the event.

At the same time, the dynamics of the brand and its progress in comparison to previous years had to be prominently displayed.


We focused on the task in hand by delivering a visual aesthetic that celebrates businesses coming together. We did this by taking colours that represent the main brands involved and combining them into a visual that delivers movement and direction.The composition of shapes represents different businesses coming together and fitting perfectly to create a ‘complete picture’, a fundament for making new connections, relationships and friends.


Upon finalising the event branding design, we delivered development recommendations for further development across print and digital channels, as well as the event itself.