Finding the Right Frequency

We delivered a fresh, dynamic and modern interior for the QF Radio Headquarters.


Qatar Foundation requested us as part of our call off agreement to design the interior spaces and branding for the new QF Radio studio and offices.


The challenge was to create a look and feel that portrayed the new QF Radio brand both in the interiors and the branding throughout the space. Working with the new Qf Radio brand we created high impact visuals on the walls, bespoke furniture and created an all together coherent and inspiring solution that engages with the staff and visitors.


Working closely with Qatar Foundation we realised that there was a huge opportunity to take the new QF Radio brand and bring it to life within the office space, reception,  studio and communal spaces. We worked within the brand guidelines provided to create high impact graphic wall treatments that created a vibrant look and feel to the interiors.

Inspired by the QF Radio brand and the latest advertising campaign we implemented elements of the branding throughout the space across walls, floors, furniture, reception area and a number of other spaces. The overall impact was that the brand had been brought to life in a three dimensional space.

We also designed an outside broadcasting studio that had a similar look and feel.