Strength of the past and hope of the future

We created an impactful connection between the values of Bahrain Bay and the essence of Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain.


Bahrain Bay is a master plan development set off the north-eastern shore of Manama. It has a history of creating beautiful and impactful promotional advertising on their iconic, 600sqm billboard – the biggest outdoor advertising structure in the country.

With the Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014 in Bahrain approaching, Bahrain Bay wanted to celebrate the event and highlight the similarities between the values of the company, and the essence of the sport.


The challenge here was to convey the world-class offering from Bahrain Bay and Formula 1 events.


We created a design that depicts the many elements which stand behind the vision of Bahrain Bay. Standing in close proximity to each other in symphony and contrast, the images of Bahrain Fort and Bahrain Bay represent the strength of the past and the hope of the future. In the forefront flanked by the beautiful Arab stallion is one of the Kingdom’s most thrilling attractions – the Formula One Grand Prix.

The powerful symbols of the Kingdom’s glorious history of achievements and its many milestones are portrayed to celebrate the essence of Bahrain. The spirit of adventure, of sportsmanship, of fair play and excellence.

Key points

  • The largest billboard in Bahrain

  • 600m2 Advertising space

  • One week deadline